Refund Policy
Any payment made for our subscription products/services are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Terms & Conditions
• Minimum engagement of subscription is 6 months.
• All application source code will NOT be provided, as it is License-To-Use basis. CRM Server Hosting and data bandwidth will be at best effort basis.
• Subscription Fee is based on member count tier and fee will be charged on every billing date 12am.
• Member refers to a customer of our client, who has any form of activities (registration / credits / points / rewards / vouchers / stamps / campaign participation) recorded in App360 system.
• Failing to pay Monthly Subscription Charges may cause interruption of app / web services of the system and services.
• Upon early termination, remaining days/months subscription fee or Deposit (if any) will be forfeited.

• Package price might be adjusted, due to any third party services integrated, which has change of policy or pricing, without prior notice.
• Package upgrade (Not downgrade) is permitted during the engagement contract, merchant just need to topup the fee difference for subsequent months.
• Any cancellation/termination of our subscription products/services must be made by own self, or alternatively notify our sales representative in written by email, or email to sales@app360.my, 3 days before the next billing date (which is on 1st of every month).